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Friday, March 25, 2011

Here comes A Muse!!

Hello all..
I'm taking a break from preparing taxes and my full time job. Today was a vacation day, and boy am I enjoying the time off! I finally got a chance to do all those things that I should do over the weekend, but can't because I'm in the stretch of tax season.

So anyway....
I took the plunge and have signed up to be an A Muse Studio Consultant a few weeks ago. I love their line of stamps and inks and am looking forward to sharing some of my creations and other interesting tidbits here on my blog. I received my starter kit a couple of weeks ago, so I'm posting some of the first projects I've made with their products. My consultant website will go live on April 1st, in which you will be able to order from directly. Here is the link, although it won't be live until 4/1.

All items above are made with A Muse Studio products from my starter kit.