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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Yes, I know it's been a while.....

Okay, it's been almost a full year since my last post - wow, I can't really believe it - but time has gone by so fast.  With the baby almost 2 years old and my daughter almost a teenager, I really have my hands full.

Nonetheless, I am going to try to post weekly from now on as I've adopted a "Do something crafty every week" mentality.  Not only because I have a ton of craft stuff that goes un-used, but because it does relieve the stress of my everyday life (work, kids, hubs, etc...).

Therefore, this week I cleaned out my storage room in the basement.  I was able to purge a lot of old stuff and set a pile for charity as well.  When going through the room I found a few packs of Stampin Up hostess envelopes size 9x13 from when I was a demonstrator.  Instead of just pitching them, I decided to recycle and give them a make-over since they were a great size for an envelope mini-ablum.

Here are the envelopes I used (they are 10 to a pack).

I then chose a pack of coordinating MME papers I purchased somewhere online a while ago.  Since I'll probably use these envelopes in some sort of mini album I wanted them all to coordinate.

After covering the front of the envelopes and mix-matching the flaps, this is how the front looks:

After completing the backside and adding a two-button closure with some twine - this is how they turned out - Absolutely Gorgeous!  The are very sturdy and can hold several pictures, receipts, notes, etc inside the envelope as well as pics and embellishments on the outside.

This was a very fun project as I was able to recycle something that was no longer useful for me to something that I will absolutely use (or give a-way). The best part is that I have 3 more packs of these envelopes to use (score!).

Thanks for stopping by.  Be sure to come back next week, because I have another project that I will share - (hint, it has Zebra print!) :-)


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