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Saturday, January 17, 2015

A challenge for my friends!!!!

Happy 2015!

I've been absent for a while, yes I know - sorry.

Anyway, I had plans to get to see some friends last weekend, but wasn't feeling well so couldn't go.  However, I wanted to give my friends a little gift and a challenge to boot.

I have made these matchbook mini scrapbooks from a tutorial from Kathy Orta and I love them.  I love them so much I wanted my friends to have one - but not have to worry about constructing the base of the mini scrapbook.  Therefore I made them one AND challenge them to style it with their choice of products and embellies.

Then, at our next gathering, we can share how each of us decorated our matchbook mini scrapbooks.  I am sharing one that I made and matted with Theresa Collins papers, just to give them a little peek as to what one of mine looks like.  It doesn't have any photos yet, but here it is...

SO, I am calling out Tiffany and Marisa to participate in this challenge.  I have mailed their matchbook mini scrapbooks today, so I hope they get in early next week.  I also hope they post pics on their blog once they are done.

Good luck girls and have fun decorating this scrapbook!



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    1. That is the part that is remaining for me.

  2. Awesome! Can't wait to get mine. Looks like a fun challenge.