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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Another Paper Challenge

I love Saturdays! I have absolutely no obligations today - I slept in this morning, after a long night of crafting with Nicole so I feel good. The house is relatively clean, and I actually have some groceries in the fridge!

Last night Nicole and I took a trip to Archivers, surprisingly I walked out of there with only a few small things in hand... I really only went there for a ribbon iron because I purchased the QVC Ribbon special the other day and the ribbon came in small packets that created wrinkles in the ribbon.

I couldn't pass this up - 12o yards of ribbon (1 yard of 120 kinds) for $19.97 at their anniversary price. I believe now it is back to $29.97 (still a good deal). Although I already have a ton of ribbon, I thought both my daughter and I could use this ribbon and I wouldn't have to hoard it.

I may have also purchased these from QVC. :-)

So anyway, Nicole picked up some gorgeous turquoise pattern paper to make me a basket and a flower pot and she gave me the scraps and challenged me to use them in a project.

These are her projects, isn't she talented!

These are the two cards I came up with...

Okay, off to lay on the couch and watch some tube since it's kind of chilly and gloomy out today. Have a Great Day!!

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  1. Love your cards. And your daughter is a chip off the old block.